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For the past 15 years, men and women from over 10 countries have traveled to Tree of Life Center to participate in our renowned International Fertility Program. Here at TLC, we offer flexible travels plans, an elite egg donor and surrogacy program — as well as a streamlined, effective treatment process.

We work relentlessly, alongside our loving patients, to help them build the family they've always dreamed of. Earning their trust and knowing that many recommend us to others is extremely fulfilling.

Why IVF in California?

Every day we successfully accommodate our international patients, working as an unswerving network of caring professionals to modernize your journey to parenthood. From treatment plans to long-distance communication — we have simplified the logistics involved in coordinating international care on your behalf. At the leading fertility center in California, we strive to make this journey as stress-free as possible, so you can focus your energy on achieving your fertility goals on a natural timeline.


Success with Tree of Life

Our high success rates, personalized service, and affordable treatment options set TLC apart as a fertility tourism destination. Some additional services that appeal to our international patients include:

  • comprehensive array of fertility treatments
  • convenient initial consultations via phone or Skype
  • thorough review of your medical records
  • fertility treatment plans that work around your schedule
  • coordinated care with your OB/GYN at home


Coordinating Every Step of Your Journey

In order to coordinate all aspects of your treatment to minimize your travel time, the leading fertility center in California is dedicated to collaborative communication with your local doctor. We coordinate with centers from all around the world to ensure the treatment plan progresses each step of the way.

Never worry about a language barrier — as our team will provide you assistance or an interpreter to help guide your journey at Tree of Life Center.